eco4life release DIY security starter kit

Chino, CA-November 15, 2018, Sonicgrace, a manufacturer of home automation devices today announced its launching of the eco4life Smart Alarm System Starter Kit.


The eco4life DIY (Do-It-Yourself) Security Starter Kit is one of its kind that offers affordability in Home Automation yet carries all security features necessary to start a safe home and ‘easy on the pocket’. The Starter Kit includes 2 Window/Door Sensors that can easily be affixed to home areas that need to be secured. It also comes with a Motion Sensor that detects movement and area and will notify the User in real time through Phone Push Notifications. If any of the secured area such as window or door gets opened, it sends a signal to the Alarm which is also included on this Starter Kit. The Alarm which is designed with a night light and a siren of 85 decibels, will then be triggered and will sound off and say: “Door is Open”.  This Alarm has a built-in Hub and serves as the gateway for all the devices included in the Kit. There is no need to purchase a hub to get the Security Bundle to work. Voice Activation through the Google Assistant or Alexa can also be enabled through the eco4life Alarm. The eco4life Security Starter Kit is very easy to install, all it takes is a mere download of the eco4life application, which can be downloaded from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.

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One of Sonicgrace’s goal is to provide convenience and be a ‘One-Stop-Shop’ connectivity solution. This Security Starter Kit can be paired to other eco4life devices in the market such as: Security Camera, Smart Outlet, Smart Surge Protector which are all sold on most of the online platforms such as,, and the likes. Sonicgrace, partnered with one of the largest global iOT Solution Provider aims to make home automation as easy and affordable yet offering as much customization as possible. “I really think that Home Automation should be in all homes and this can only happen by providing an affordable yet least complicated solution for homeowners”, says Dong Lin, Sonicgrace’s CEO. “Our Engineers and Solution Partners are continuously designing applications which is aligned towards this goal”, he further added. Sonicgrace, the company behind the eco4life brand believes that this Security Smart Bundle will give every home their ‘first line of defence’. The CEO’s vision is to be able to offer a ‘sky-is-the-limit’ solutions to all homeowners in the future through variations of a-la-carte cloud support from industry leading ecosystems.


About Sonicgrace:


Sonicgrace, is a California based Company with facilities in China carrying more than 15 years of designing and manufacturing expertise in the consumer electronics arena. Sonicgrace intends to launch a broad line of smart home products, connectivity solutions and services under the ‘eco4Life’brand. For more information about eco4life products, please visit: