If you are having difficulty turning on your eco4life Bulb, some troubleshooting steps can be taken to ensure the bulb has the power it needs.

The first thing to check for is if the bulb is running through a socket with a dimmer switch. There might be a dimmer switch on the light switch or on the power cord that runs to the bulb.


If there is a dimmer switch, try these steps:

  1. Set the dimmer to its highest setting and try turning the light on.
    • If the Bulb is connected to a dimmer switch it's important that you adjust the brightness for the Bulb through the eco4life App and always leave the dimmer switch at its maximum setting. 
  2. If the issue persists, test the bulb in a different socket that doesn't have a dimmer switch.
Note: If the bulb is not running through a dimmer switch and is in a lamp, you can check to make sure the lamp switch is turned on as well as any light sitch for the socket or power.