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  • Each Eco4Life user will receive a request to complete a Marketing survey by email. Friends and family may also participate as well if you choose to share it with them. The survey must be completed and submitted within TWO WEEKS of receiving the survey request by email. Only one survey may be completed per person/email.
  • Each Eco4Life user and their friends/family who fully complete the survey and submit to us will receive a coupon code for a one-time use discount of 20% off the purchase price of Eco4Life smart devices from the Eco4Life Amazon Store through Dec.31, 2020.
  • For every 300 users who complete the survey, we will have a raffle and one lucky person will randomly be chosen to win an Amazon Gift card worth $15 in value (or local currency if in another country). Additional surveys completed by same person will not be accepted as entries into the raffle drawing.
  • We will announce the winner on Eco4Life official Facebook account within the month of October 2020. Please follow us on Facebook @eco4lifesmarthome and Instagram @eco4life_smarthome to see our winner announcements.

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  • In order for a winner to redeem the gift card, they need to follow our Facebook or Instagram account and DM (direct message) us after the announcement is made. Once getting their follow and DM (direct message), winners can receive their prize. Winners have until November 15th. 2020 to respond to the announcement or their prize is forfeit.
  • Eco4Life reserves the right to create, explain and conduct this survey, the rules to participate and everything related to it. If you need further explanation, you can email for further clarification.